LucisArt 3 Image Processing Software for Artists and Photographers - DHR from a single image, Special Effects, Easy to use, Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop
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Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop Elements

Lucis Art 2

LucisArt 3 was discontinued in June 2013.

Lucis Pro 6 does everything LucisArt 3 does and much more. 5 Minute Learning Curve.

Windows Lucis Pro 6 - Photoshop CS3-CC plug-in.

Windows Lucis Pro 6 SA goes on sale in May 2016 - this will be a stand-alone application.

Macintosh Lucis Pro 6 SA. - this is a stand-alone application. It is not a Photoshop plug-in. You can use AppleScript to make it easy to move from Photoshop to Lucis and back to Photoshop. We provide two example AppleScripts that are easy to use and really save time and clicks.

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Support Pages for existing LucisArt 3 customers:

How to get LucisArt 3 effects from Lucis Pro 6

LucisArt 3 UI

Windows Software Technical Support

Macintosh Software Technical Support


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